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Telfort projects: managing various revenue assurance projects

T-Systems project: harmonize KPI's in 18 subcontracts; process and tooling implementation


NowIC Consultancy Profile


Our mission: enabling and supporting business development, innovation and maintenance. NowIC <"Now I see" said the blind man> is about setting and reaching ambitious goals. Focus on what really matters, putting together the big picture using all the pieces that make up the puzzle.
Companies today have a difficult time making planned profit, offering products and services in an ever demanding market, cutting costs while retaining key resources, knowledge and customers. You need a short time to market, an innovative approach to align all stakeholders with your desired business heartbeat. And of course you need to comply with regulation, keeping a keen eye on risks to avoid pitfalls. It is a demanding balancing act where everyone needs to do their share. This is where we come in.
NowIC is there to help see past your day-to-day / month-to-month horizon and get results that stay with you and your team. Period. Our commitment is to make a lasting impact, improving your business, getting results.
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